COVID-19 Information and Response

Haymarket Center patients and staff are always our highest priority and we are steadfast in our commitment to your health and safety. Our facility has been and is following recommendations of the CDC, state, and local health departments with regards to COVID-19. We will continue to stay up to date with their recommendations and will continue to follow their guidance. 

Preventative Approaches Taken

Among the many steps we have taken to address coronavirus are:

  • Activating an internal COVID-19 Task Force that communicates daily with staff and adapts protocols as necessary
  • Managing proper hand hygiene and mask usage through agency-wide signage and training
  • Requiring Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for all clients and staff
  • Conducting virtual all staff town hall meetings
  • Screening and taking temperatures of employees and clients twice a day
  • Having employees who have been diagnosed positive or who display symptoms self-quarantine at home
  • Requiring on-site COVID-19 testing for all staff and clients
  • Isolating patients who have been diagnosed to separate from healthy populations
  • Restricting all visitors
  • Ending communal dining and group activities
  • Shifting outpatient services to telehealth
  • Testing all new clients upon admission
  • Retained an outside service to conduct a deep clean of the entire Haymarket Center facility
  • Completing twice daily hospital-grade facility cleaning by Haymarket Center staff and equipping each unit with cleaning supplies
  • Cancelled all large group and community events
  • Enhanced our usage of telehealth for patient/doctor visits
  • Reducing face-to-face contact opportunities
  • Restricting non-essential trips out of the facility
  • Restricting non-essential visitation and instead supporting “Virtual Visits”
  • Regularly communicating with State regulatory agencies and a site visit by an infectious disease specialist to review agency protocols and preventative practices taken


  • Regular communications with Vendors and Suppliers to ensure appropriate supplies and provisions are available for use.
  • At this time, we expect no supply disruption for medications, food, or medical supplies
  • Vendors and Suppliers have been notified of our safety and screening requirements.