Patient FAQ

Q: Are cell phones allowed?

A: We want the individual client to be focused on their treatment with the least amount of distractions. So cell phones are used only on a limited basis with the approval of the treatment team.

Q: Are family members allowed to bring me items, e.g. clothing, food, cigarettes, money?

A: Packages for clients may be delivered to the Security Desk at 120 N. Sangamon between the 8:00 am and 8:00 pm daily. The packages are opened and contents recorded. Food will not be allowed. We ask that clients not have in their possession expensive items, i.e. jewelry, laptop computers, more than $20.00. The client cell phone battery will be taken and stored and a Property Control receipt will be given to the client. Medications must be approved by Haymarket Center’s Medical Director before the client can receive them.

Q: Are visitors allowed?

A: Visitation is arranged individually between the client and his/her counselor

Q: Can I attend religious services while in treatment?

A: Religious services are available to Haymarket clients. There are also specialized groups and lectures available.

Q: Can I call a patient in treatment?

A: There are Federal Confidentiality laws that prohibit agencies from revealing who is in treatment at its center without written consent from the client- client’s may sign a Haymarket Release of Information form. Also, a caller may leave name and number then the client has the option to return the call.

Q: Can I get my clothes cleaned while in treatment?

A: All clients have free laundry available on a weekly basis

Q: Can I smoke?

A: Haymarket continues to allow organized smoke breaks for clients. Groups are supervised by staff.

Q: Can I wear my own clothes?

A: Yes, clients wear their own casual clothes — space is a premium — client encouraged to bring 7-10 days of clothing into treatment. Laundry is free to clients.

Q: Can you stay at home?

A: Clients that are assessed for outpatient programming will continue to live at home and attend treatment programs throughout the day/week.

Q: Do you take children?

A: Haymarket does have residential programming for women and children. The program allows for up to 2 children under the age of 5.

Q: Does staff speak a language other than English?

A: Currently there are Spanish and Polish programs available – other languages may be offered based on availability of staff speaking a specific language that is requested by a potential client.

Q: How does Haymarket Center compare to other service providers within Illinois?

A: Haymarket Center is the largest treatment center located in the Chicago metro area. We have 32 detox beds, 184 treatment beds, 137 recovery home beds and 142 outpatient slots. Additionally, we have many specialized programs for men and women and ancillary services that support the client to achieve a successful chance at recovery. Call Central intake at 312-226-7984 Ext. 480 for details.

Q: How does one pay for treatment?

A: With the passage of the Affordable Care Act many more people are insured. Haymarket Center accepts Medicaid insurance, private insurance and self-pay. Some specialized programs are supported by governmental grants and funding which pays for a significant portion of the treatment. Health Navigators are available for all potential clients to determine the most appropriate payment plans.

Q: How soon can I get into treatment?

A: You may schedule an appointment for an assessment to determine the appropriate level of care for the individual – detoxification (detox), inpatient (residential) or outpatient treatment. Call Central Intake at 312-226-7984 Ext. 480 to schedule an appointment.

If the individual has used alcohol or drugs within the previous 12 to 24 hours they can call Men’s Detox at 312-226-7984 Ext. 348 or Women’s Detox at 312-226-7984 Ext. 368 to see if there is a bed available for immediate admittance or when the next bed will be available.

What can my family do?

A: Be supportive and encouraging to the client, look into attending Al-Anon, communicate with counselor if client consent is available, etc.

At Haymarket Center, we focus on national outcome measures (NOMS) by level of care. Please review the NOMS or visit the Illinois Department of Human Services, Division of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse for more information.