Haymarket Heroes: Meet Our Outreach Team

Haymarket Center’s outreach team, works tirelessly to bring much-needed support to people who live with untreated substance use disorders at O’Hare airport, as well as those who are unsheltered.

The fundamental goal of our outreach team is to move people from vulnerable conditions to more stable and secure ones as part of their recovery journey. To this end, the outreach staff has a variety of different responsibilities, from obtaining medical and psychological treatment for those in need to securing housing for those trying to reestablish themselves after distress caused by substance use. This year alone, the outreach team has referred more than 50 people to hospitals for treatment and has moved 85 people from homelessness into stable housing.

When asked about her team’s work, Outreach Manager Pearlene Hudson credited high morale and dedication as driving forces behind their success.

“It has been a challenging year due to Covid restrictions on placement but the dedication from the team and our partners to move clients to a more stable housing environments is phenomenal,” she explained.
“It does bring home the mission statement “Hope Starts Here”.”

We at Haymarket thank the staff of our outreach team for their work in starting people on their journeys towards recovery.

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