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Health Literacy Month

October is Health Literacy Month, which means it’s time to bring attention to the importance of making health information easy to understand, and making the healthcare system easier to navigate. Without Health Literacy, patients can suffer from real consequences.

Health Literacy Month is about taking action. At Haymarket Center, we take action by offering workshops and wellness programs for patients and the public.

Our Fall Workshops Series is one prominent education venue. The current series slowly coming to an end, but we do have one more workshop coming up in the month of November.

Workshop V: November 7, 2020

Topic: Intimate Partner Violence

The beginning of this workshop is designed to teach the prevalence of IPV and the dynamics of IPV. Clinicians will be learning about the severity of this issue and how to recognize some of the symptoms they may see in their practice/setting. Clinicians will also learn about the intersection between IPV and substance use disorder.

In the second half of the workshop, clinicians will learn ways to address, prevent, and intervene to help increase the safety of their clients who are experiencing IPV and how to incorporate this knowledge into their practice setting. Clinicians will also learn about resources in Chicago and Cook County to gain knowledge of referral for resources clinicians can use for a client who is a survivor of IPV.

Haymarket Center also provides health education to our patients. Our Health and Wellness Department provides education especially on chronic health conditions that are prevalent in our populations, or for which our patients are at high risk. These conditions include diabetes, hypertension, asthma, HIV, and Hepatitis C, among others. Health and Wellness staff also provide education on the importance of adhering to any medication regimen they are prescribed.

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Haymarket Center is a comprehensive, community-based provider of substance use and mental health treatment, battling some of our region’s most devastating health problems. To learn more about our Fall Workshops or any of our Programs, contact us at 312-226-7984 or visit our website.